Nutrition & Exercise


Nutrition is one of the 5 pillars of health. Ask Dr. Anderson how you can improve what you are already doing. From a total nutrition package such as Isagenix, to Omega 3s, Dr. Anderson will help you fulfill your goals.

Exercise is Essential

Another essential part of regaining and maintaining a healthy you is exercise. Exercise must be considered a separate event from daily work and household chores and errands. When you take time for a specific activity which takes you to your physical limit and beyond, you will be doing yourself the greatest good. Also, exercise that causes you to sweat will help eliminate some toxins from the blood through the skin.

Exercise will alleviate tiredness and lack of energy, as well as reduce excessive weight by increasing energy output. It aids to stimulate the functions of the internal organs and intestines. Exercise can also help increase strength, endurance, and coordination. It aids to reduce stress and provides a sense of well-being, as well as improving flexibility and reducing joint and muscle stiffness.

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